Residential Building Plot in Meneou, Larnaca

for sale В Ларнаке, Meneou

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Цена:  €105.000

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Размер (m²)554 Кв. М
Тип участкаЖилой
Listing ID:77815
Цена €105.000
Информация от владельца
Residential building located n Meneou Larnaca Region. The asset has a size of 551sm with 90% building density and a 50% coverage factor. 550 sq.ms (18.40m wide - front face). Eligible for a 3 story building.
Building plot for sale in the upcoming area of Kiti. The plot is located at Pizza Hut area in Kiti. Formally the plot is at the boundaries of Meneou - Kiti villages. The area consists of all services, banks, schools, shops, restaurants, cafes, LIDL, AlphaMega supermarket and many others. It's a 7' drive from the beach (Spiros beach, Faro's beach, Mackenzi beach is 10' away) and 5' away from Larnaca International Airport. It's also 5' away from the well-known tourist area and beach of Pervolia village and 10' away from Camel Park etc. Larnaca center and Finikoudes tourist beachfront is just a 12' "road trip" away!
Archaeological attractions can also be found near the area!
Investment options include: building 2 bungalows and renting them out or even building a single villa or a multi storey apartment building.

Πωλείται οικόπεδο στα σύνορα Μενεού - Κίτι, στην περιοχή Pizza Hut Κιτίου. Νεο-αναπτυσσόμενη περιοχή, με τράπεζες, υπηρεσίες, καταστήματα, καφετέριες, εστιατόρια και σχολεία.
Το οικόπεδο έχει ήδη επίσημη οριοθέτηση και υψόμετρα καταχωρημένα στο κτηματολόγιο.
Είναι έτοιμο για χτίσιμο ή απλά για επένδυση (π.χ. 2 bungalows με ιδιωτική πισίνα για AirBnB ή short term rental ή διαμερίσματα για ενοίκιο / πώληση κλπ).
550 τ.μ., 90% συντελεστής δόμησης και 50% ποσοστό κάλυψης. 18,40m πρόσοψη. Επιτρέπεται το χτίσιμο 3 ορόφων.