Lingam Massage Discover All the Unknown Pleasures of Your Penis

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What's a Lingam massage?
Lingam Massage is a kind of penis massage developed in Germany in the 1970s by Andro Andreas Rothe, founder of Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge
in Berlin. The process of a Lingam massage is designed to combine feelings of well-being
deep relaxation and helps recipients to relieve the stress associated with the relationship
or self-esteem, including those related to sexuality.
Many men suffering from such conditions such as erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation can benefit greatly from this type of massage.
What’s The Real Difference Between The Lingam Massage And The common Massage With The Shared happy ending?
Some still think Lingam massage is just a fancy name for a
Simple medium-quality massage with a common happy ending and that's it.
It's a style of male massage with a primary focus on Lingam ( genitals )
The massage lingam is much slower and measured than other types of massages.
23 specialized exercises focusing on stimulating consciousness through brushes, which are more or less complex, in lovers that exceed the natural time and place limit.
The truth is, there are no techniques that fit to everyone and work on each individual person.
Every penis is different and has something special to offer.
Your masseur will bring you close to the peak several times. does this to increase
your sexual energy. Life in modern society tends to make such forms of energy
'glue', and they must be released before they can be used
and used for the greatest possible result. When your Lingam massage begins, you'll be at the end of the orgasm just to slow down
your masseur moves and allow you to relax before gradually increasing your energy again.
your senses and let yourself fully experience everyone without waiting for what to come next.
Having said that, many men continue to experience ejaculation and orgasm during
duration of these massages. Thanks to the actions your masseuse helped you build, if you experience orgasm, it will be one of the most powerful and satisfying you've ever had. You might find yourself
unable to speak or move for a long time later. this is normal, so
enjoy. Once you experience such a strong orgasm, you will never look again for the simple massage with the happy ending.
So the answer to the question 'what the difference is' is simple. A happy ending massage is a unique bright spot, but the massage in Lingam can open
whole galaxies in you.
Look at this great list of massage benefits
1.Improved control of ejaculation
2.Improved blood circulation of the Penis
3.Intense Sexual Enjoyment
4.Significant relief of sexual tension
5.Enhanced sensitivity
6.Improved sexual resistance
7.Treatment of early ejaculation
8.Relief of pain, stress and depression

1. Do I have to be gay for this massage?
You don’t have to be gay at all. You may be married, bi-sexual, or curious. It really doesn’t matter. It’s how you identify with feeling at the time. There’s no right or wrong. Some 98 % of my clients are straight, married or in a relationship.
I stand by my promise that I do my utmost to give you the most wonderful massage you ever tasted.

2.Why would I do this massage with a man masseur?
The massage is very professional an additional element in this state is that a male masseur is more familiar with how a man's body works than a masseuse woman, because we share the same anatomy and can
clearly know much better the sensations that another man may feel during the treatment.

3. Will it be very intense?
Yes, it can be extremely intense. This is why I may need to spread the erotic energy around your body a bit during this massage, but it is predominately massage of the Lingam. It isn’t a style that may suit you if you are in too much of a rush to experience a fast-orgasmic release.
I’ve heard that this helps with PE. Is this true?
Yes, Lingam Massage can help with premature ejaculation. I could also offer one to one coaching. This helps with various aspects of premature ejaculation. Please let me know if it’s something you’d like some help to overcome. That can be done with a coaching, rather than a massage session. It will also depend on your comfort levels with talking about it, letting me know where you are, and where you’d like to be.
Get in touch if you like what I offer
Only by appointments
Monday to Sunday 11:00 to 23:00
Best regards Chris


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