Karsai Nei Tsang Thai therapeutic Detox massage for the male genitals.

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Hello and thank you for your time I am Chris Professional masseur the first person in Cyprus and equal to the only one so far that offers this treatment (นวด กะ ษั ย โบราณ) Karsai Nei Tsang massage and lingam massage for Men’s.
The very old style of traditional Thai Karsai therapy is a therapeutic massage of the genital area for Men’s .
Health Benefits of Karsai Nei Tsang Genital Detox Massage
Karsai Nei Tsang is a traditional form of genital healing and detoxification massage (also called sexual organ detoxification massage) originally practiced in Thailand and applied to men. Karsai was propagated by Master Mantak Chia, who incorporated the practice into the so-called Universal Healing Tao System (UHT).
Karsai massage aims to improve the health of the genitals by clearing the ducts, removing blockages and releasing the flow of energy in both the genital area and the abdomen area, which is closely connected to the genitals.
The treatment is closely related to Chi Nei Tsang, which is a therapeutic massage therapy for the abdominal area and internal organs. In fact, Karsai is a specialty of Chi Nei Tsang massage with a more precise focus on the genitals.
If you are having some sexual health problems, Karsai could be just what you need.
Common men's sexual health problems that can be alleviated with Karsai are:
• weak or lack of erection, does not wake up with an erection in the morning
(The so-called "morning glory") or any other type of erection
• Premature ejaculation or vice versa: difficult to come.
• painful ducts, tubes or testicles.
• Lack of libido
• Any other sexual issues.

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also on Sundays and all holidays

Well, thank you Christos Ioannou

Владелец: Chris  (Private Advertiser)

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