Tripod Bluetooth Monopod Selfie Stick Holder Android And IOS

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Πληροφορίες απο ιδιοκτήτη
1. The tripod integrated design can be used as the tripod of mobile phone and desktop bracket, which is convenient for group photo taking and release your hands to pursue drama;
2. The Bluetooth remote control design has the function of traditional self timer when it is installed. It is more convenient to take self timer when it is removed, and the group photo is no longer leaked;
3. Create a 360 ° mobile clip design, and switch between horizontal and vertical beats at will;
5. Aluminum alloy expansion rod with anodizing process, farewell to unstable deflection;
6. Portable design, easy to put in the bag.
Hand held stretch length: 763mm
Standing stretch height of tripod: 820mm
Length of self timer after folding: 185mm
Stretching distance of mobile phone clip: 87mm
Handle material: ABS
Mobile phone clip material: SBS
Gross weight of finished product with packing box: 140g
Packing box specification: 190 * 57 * 30MM
Bluetooth version: 3.0
Remote control distance: 10M
Package Included:
Selfie Stick x1

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