Brabantia BBEK1031N 4-Slice Toaster Inox

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If you want to toast 4 slices of bread at the same time, the Brabantia BBEK1031N toaster is something for you. This stainless steel toaster does not have 2 but 4 slots. It is not necessary to first defrost the bread, the defrost function of the toaster does that for you. Do you make a hamburger and do you just want to roast the cut surface of your sandwich? Then you use the handy bagel function. You do not have to be afraid of crumbs on your counter, because they are neatly collected in the crumb tray.

7 different grid positions and defrost and heating function
4 extra wide slots and therefore also suitable for thick bread and rolls
Removable crumb tray to collect the crumbs from your bread

Product description

With the sleekly designed Brabantia BBEK1031N Toaster, you can enjoy delicious toast for breakfast in the morning. The bread toaster is fully stainless steel and therefore fits in every kitchen. Thanks to the four slots, you can toast up to four slices of bread in one go. You can also choose from 7 different toasting positions to effortlessly prepare the perfect toast.

Technical specifications

Weight: 3442g
Assets: 1800W
Housing material: Stainless steel
Cord length: 90 cm
Additional Features: Extra wide slots 4 slots

Product information

MPN (Manufacturer Part Number): BBEK1031N
EAN: 6009622498633

Other characteristics

Service: Buttons | Turning System | Manually
Browning level: 4 or more

Including useful options: Removable crumb tray | Automatic elevator | Cord storage
Model: BBEK1031
Product width: 31 cm
Product weight: 2660g
Product height: 20 cm
Product length: 21 cm

Package contents: 1 x Brabantia BBEK1031 and 1 x User Manual

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