Agricultural Land in Anarita, Paphos

προς Πώληση στην Πάφο, Αναρίτα

Δημοσίευση: 12 Ιαν 21, Προβολές: 28

Τιμή:  €160.000

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Εμβαδό (m²)24578 τμ
Τύπος ΤεμαχίουΓεωργικό
Listing ID:87309
Τιμή €160.000
Πληροφορίες απο ιδιοκτήτη
Agricultural land is available for sale in Anarita, Paphos.
The property is located west from the KEN Paphou and  northwest of Anarita village.
It has an area of 24,578sqm and benefits from a 110m road frontage along a registered road on its northwest borders.
The immediate area comprises of undeveloped parcels of land.
The property falls within two planning zones:
-23,103sqm fall into agricultural planning zone Γ3 with 10% building density, 10% coverage, 2 floors and a maximum height of 8,3m.
-1,475sqm fall into protection planning zone Z3 with 1% building density, 1% coverage, 1 floor and a maximum height of 5m.

ιδιοκτήτης: G & P LAZAROU ESTATE AGENTS LTD  (Business Advertiser)

περιοχή: Πάφος

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