Zeus Titan Professional Massage Gun

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Experience the power of the Zeus Titan Massage Gun—a game-changer for muscle recovery and relaxation. Whether you’re an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply seeking relief from soreness, this cutting-edge massage gun has you covered. Here are the key features:
1. Large Capacity & Long Endurance: Equipped with three 2000mAh 18650 batteries, it delivers extended usage without interruption.
2. Intelligent Power Adjustment: The gun adapts to your needs, targeting fatty acids at a 12mm depth for instant muscle fatigue relief.
3. Deep Muscle Penetration: With a robust 16 kg thrust, it reaches deep muscle groups below 12mm, sweeping away fatigue and discomfort.
4. Hot & Cold Therapy: Dual chip design rapidly adjusts temperature—providing soothing heat or refreshing cold shock for sore muscles.
5. Six Core Advantages:
◦ Precise Soothing: Eight interchangeable massage heads (spherical, u-head, platycephaly, conical, concave, thumb, air cushion, shovel head) for full-body relief.
◦ High-Power Monitor: Stay informed about usage and battery life.
◦ 15-Speed Adjustability: Customize intensity for shallow or deep fatigue.
◦ Pre-, During-, and Post-Exercise Modes: Wake up, activate, and care for your muscles.
◦ Convenient Type-C Charging: Easy and efficient.
◦ Replicable Battery: Swap batteries for continuous use.
6. 15 Gear Adjustable Hot & Cold Modes:
◦ Gears 1-2: Muscle arousal (1600-1700R/min)
◦ Gears 3-5: Fascia relaxation (1800-2000R/min)
◦ Gears 6-8: Lactic acid breakdown (2100-2300R/min)
◦ Gears 9-12: Deep therapy (2400-2700R/min)
◦ Gears 13-15: Professional model (2500-3000/min)
7. Technical Specs:
◦ Motor Speed: 3200 RPM
◦ Rated Voltage: 7.4V
◦ Type-C Charging: 5V-2A
◦ Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
◦ Net Weight: 1.3kg
◦ Power Supply: Rechargeable battery

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