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Road tax 2021 in cyprus

New traffic fees 2021

The new traffic fees that apply to all vehicles registered for the first time in Cyprus will "punish" the large carbon dioxide emissions, as the fee will reach up to 600 euros, while in other cases, the newer and "greener" vehicles , this will be zero.

It should be noted that the provisions of the new law do not affect motor vehicles that are already registered and circulating in the Republic or those vehicles that have been imported or transported to the Republic and have not been registered or loaded to a legal port of the Republic.

Τελη Κυκλοφοριας 2021

What will they pay

For Euro 4 type vehicles:

    The Euro 4 emission standard applies to cars aged from 2005 to 2009.
    Cars with an earlier euro or non-standard model will be charged with the same fee.

In the case of Euro 4 vehicles, the registration fee is increased to € 300 from € 250 for petrol or dual propulsion with one of the energy sources being petrol. For diesel or dual-propulsion Euro 4 with one of the energy sources being oil, the new road tax has been increased from € 500 to € 600.

For Euro 5 type vehicles:

    The EURO5 standard is translated into vehicles aged September 2009 - August 2014.

For diesel or dual-propulsion vehicles with one of the energy sources being diesel, which are part of the Euro 5a and Euro 5b standard, the road tax is set at € 250 and € 50, respectively.

For petrol cars of the same standard the registration fee in the EURO 5a standard amounts to € 100, while for EURO 5b the fee is zero.

For Euro 6 type vehicles:

    Euro 6 emission standard cars are five-year-old cars (September 2014- 31 August 2018).
    Cars with Euro 6c emission standard are the cars from September 2019 to August 2020.

The registration fee will be zero for cars with emission standard EURO 6c and EURO6d, both for petrol / hybrid and diesel / hybrid. The registration fee for Euro6a and Euro6b cars will also be zero.

Traffic Fees 2021

How is the mass of carbon dioxide emitted charged?

The new law reduces the charge for the mass of carbon dioxide emitted in grams per kilometer of the motor vehicle.

Indicatively, for a part of mass greater than 150 (gr / km) and less than or equal to 180 (gr / km), the rate is reduced from € 6 to € 5 per gram. For part of the mass greater than 180 (gr / km) the amount is reduced from € 12 to € 10.

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European emission standards for passenger cars (Category M) *, g / km




Traffic Fees 2021




The new road tax for vehicles registered for the first time in Cyprus came into force on 1 December 2019