Mixed Use Building, Paphos, City Centre.

for sale in Paphos, Town center

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Price:  €890.000

Plot area (sqm)534 sqm
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Price €890.000
Information from owner
'The property concerns a three storey, mixed use building, named “Chrisandria Court”, in Agios Theodoros quarter, Paphos Municipality. It abuts with Galateias street along its northern boundary. It is located at a distance of 330m. west of Paphos town hall and 150m north of Apostolou Pavlou avenue . The ground floor which occupies the northern part of the plot has been erected in 1977. It comprises three (3) shops. Shops 1 & 3 have been unified (vacant) and shop 2 is rented by Hair salon. The 2 upper floors have been erected in 2008 and comprise of 2 apartments (one 1-bedroom and one 2-bedroom) on the 1st floor, 4 apartments (one 1-bedroom and three 2-bedroom) on the 2nd floor and 1 studio (not on permits) on the roof. The one-bedroom apartments comprise an open-plan living room, dining room, and a kitchen, one bedroom, a bathroom, and a covered terrace. The two-bedroom apartments comprise an open-plan living room, dining room, and a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a covered terrace. Apartments No. 5 & 6 were unified. The studio comprises a bedroom, kitchen, and living room in an open-plan space, a bathroom, and a terrace. Property is partially occupied as below: Shop 1 Vacant. Shop 2 Rented. Shop 3 Vacant. Apartment 101 Rented Apartment 102 Vacant Apartment 201 Rented Apartment 202 Vacant Apartment 203 Rented Apartment 301 Rented The property falls within Zone Πα9α, with a building coefficient of 120%, coverage of 70%, and permission for 2 floors (8.3m) of construction. Location Coordinates: 34.775767 32.419608