Luxury Hotels Advertising Online Platform with 850 existing Hotels for Sale!

for sale in Limassol

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Price:  €95.000 (negotiable)

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Information from owner
Luxury Hotels Advertising Online Platform with 850 existing Hotels similar to Booking.com for Sale!

Visit one of our platforms to view the portfolio of Luxury Hotels www.LuxuryHotelsMagazines.com

Luxury Hotels exclusive Branded Concept consist of the following:

Ø Online platform with over 850 Hotels at Present advertise with us. Each Hotel has to pay 1000 euro/year or 120/month for Advertising space on the Platform (Included in the Sale for 95.000) Vast and exclusive Brand and experience with Luxury Hotels from around the World.
Ø Luxury Hotels in-House Magazine – Bi-Annual (Winter and Summer edition) Magazine in English + additional language according to the country you are publishing in. (Sold separately for 65.000 euro)
Ø Luxury Hotels Magazines starts from 2900 per Regular page for each issue
Ø Luxury European Magazines Edition starts from 3900 euro per Regular page
Ø The starting cost of an Animated advertising Banner on the Online Advertising Platform is 450 euro a month
Ø The cost of Video Banner on the Platform is 1400 euro/month
Ø 20.000 copies printed every 6 months
Ø Distributed in 850 best Luxury Hotels around the World
Ø 80% of Readers found us on Online platforms, Social Networks and company Website
Ø Four Independent platforms for Sale, Publicity, and downloads of the Luxury Magazines. 5,000 to 20,000 downloads on a monthly basis depending on the season.
Ø From May 2021 we will be charging 2,00 euro for each download whereas similar editions charging 3,50 euro
Ø Head office started in the UK and expanded to Cyprus
Ø It’s a Branding Magazine content and can be published in any country

What is included in the price?
Ø Online Platform with admin panel where you can sell space for 1000 euro to each Hotel. Now is around 850 Hotels on the Platform
Ø Contact list of over 1000 most Luxury Hotels from 86 different countries with full data
Ø Premium and Optimised to 1st page on Google Domain
Ø Payment method by Paypal incorporated (Gateway Payment by Stripe can additionally be incorporated)
Ø Luxury Hotels Logos
Ø SSL certificate
Ø Sell video Banner for 1400/month
Ø Sell Animated Banner start from 450/month
Ø Social Networks: FB, Instagram

Add-on to your purchase
Ø Luxury Hotels Magazines Brand for Luxury Hotels Printed version with 4 independent Online platforms for Sale, Publicity, Reading and Downloading for 65,000 euro. The Advertising cost in the Magazine starts from 2900 euro per page
Ø In-house Luxury Hotels Magazine for the 5* Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus. Contract in force and will be running continuously for another 7 years for 30,000 euro. The Advertising cost in the Magazine starts from 1900 euro per page

There is huge potential in the future to expand the brand further

For Website:
Ø Increase the number of Hotel Advertisers for Online platform
Ø Increase the number of several Advertisers on the Platform
Ø Sell a bigger number of Animated and Video Banner on the Platform

For Luxury Hotels Magazine Printed version
Ø Change Free downloads into Payable of 2,00-euro minimum charge per download
Ø Increase the number of Magazine advertisers
Ø Increase number of copies per year
Ø Sell Franchise to nearby countries like Greece and Lebanon, Turkey
Ø The magazine could be sold through newsagents or other retail shops

Ø The package includes (should you choose to opt for this Business), my consultative help, support and direction for an agreed period of up to 2 months.

The reason for selling
Ø The company has 4 different Businesses and its becoming a bit too much to handle. Something must go
Ø We are redirecting our Group of companies to the one speciality only which will involve iOS and Android platforms. We could become potential partners in the future hence our ongoing idea will be related to the Hotels as well and sold around the World!

Ø Although you do not need to have experience of running any of these types of businesses and would not necessarily need to be fully hands-on due to a very experienced staff, it will require someone with passion and drive to keep this much-loved brand evolving and continuing to act in the best interests of the community and possibly other communities depending on your aspirations for expansion.
Ø There are currently many Magazines on the Market, but none of them would compare with “Luxury Hotels” Editions. Luxury Hotels Magazines is a trademarked Brand.
Ø This is a clear demonstration of the stability and strength of the brand.
Ø More information and further financials to be discussed by private communication once your interest in the business has been verified as genuine. No time wasters, please.

Ø 95,000 euro for Luxury Hotels Magazines Advertising Platform.
Ø 65,000 euro for Luxury Hotels Magazines Branded Printing concept Magazines for Luxury Hotels.
Ø 30,000 euro In-house Magazine for the 5* Hotel.
Ø If the buyer willing to purchase a Bundle with all of the above -Luxury Hotels Magazines
Website/Platform, Luxury Hotels Printed version and The Royal Apollonia Magazine the cost will be 170,000 euro instead of 190.000 euro.

Ø The sale amount stated is for quick sale only. You will Double your money back within a year!


Get in Touch by Email [hidden info] or [hidden info] or WhatsApp for more details +35799799399
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