Building Plot for sale in Polemi, Paphos

for sale in Paphos, Polemi

Publish: 30 Apr 24, views: 53

Price:  €125.000

Size (m²)2602 sqm
Plot typeResidential
Listing ID:24932
TypeBuilding Plot
Building Factor60
Coverage Factor35
Max Height8
Max Floors2
Price €125.000
Information from owner
This residential land in Polemi spans to 2602 square meters and is classified under Zone Type Η3, indicating its intended use for residential purposes as per local zoning regulations. With access to a road, it ensures convenient transportation and connectivity for residents and visitors alike.

With a building density of 60%, this residential land allows for a significant portion of the total area to be developed. This means that up to 60% of the land can be utilized for construction purposes, including residential buildings, amenities, and infrastructure.

The coverage ratio is set at 35%, indicating the maximum percentage of the land area that can be covered by buildings and other structures. This ensures that a significant portion of the land remains open for green spaces, landscaping, and other outdoor amenities, contributing to a pleasant living environment.

Permitted floors are limited to 2, meaning that any structures built on this land cannot exceed two stories in height. Additionally, the maximum allowable height for buildings is 8.3 meters, ensuring uniformity and compatibility with the surrounding residential area.

Given its proximity to a built-up residential area, this land holds strategic value for residential development, providing opportunities for expanding housing options and accommodating the growing population while maintaining the character and integrity of the existing neighborhood.

In summary, this residential land in Polemi offers favorable conditions for residential development, including adequate space, permissible building parameters, road access, and proximity to established residential areas.