101 - Three Bedroom Maisonette in Egkomi For Sale

for sale in Nicosia, Egkomi

Publish: 09 May 19, views: 97

Price:  €484.000

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Listing ID:NF17244
Price €484.000
Information from owner
Maisonettes are situated in a location Egkomi generally considered as one of the most sought out residential areas for home owners in Nicosia. The location offers a variety of added values to the inhabitants as well as being a strong, longterm real estate investment. The Maisonette is set within a central and picturesque area in which property owners may still find the opportunity to invest into homes versus apartments. The location offers a safe neighbourhood environment in close proximity to the city center and all necessary ammenities, such as, schools, universities, recreational, retail and catering facilities making this area ideal for family owners, active professionals or people seeking a central location to retire. Maisonettes therefore offers the opportunity to invest into a lifestyle concept which has become both scarcely available and nonaffordable for most, so centrally located. GARDEN DIVISION  The starting point for the design was to create a relative sense of equality of each property where by each maisonette owner benefits a similar piece of garden without the property being closed in on its sides NATURAL COMFORT PERFORMANCE  Due to the selected plot division, each maisonette is able to have two open sides of its perimeter. This approach provides natural ventilation and day lighting for each maisonette which enables the inhabitants to adjust their living comfort in relation to the climate. Furthermore each maisonette incorporates further design characteristics which emphasis this ability. ACCESS STRATEGY  An importance has been placed on each property maintaining an independence from one another and this is made possible through the access strategy. Each maisonette has a ground floor main entrance which is accessed directly from the main street. In addition all properties have access to a common basement parking level, which via lift, connects them to the ground floor lobby offering secondary entrances for maisonettes 101 and 102. UNDERGROUND PARKING STORAGE  Each property will have a set of two underground parking spaces with its own storage room.   INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY  The public walkway on the right side of the building, leading to the lobby entrance, enables the side elevation to be used as a second frontage. By using both west and south elevations, each maisonette has an independent identity which is clearly visible and accessed from the street. Merging everything together is the penthouse which is also visible from these two elevations.The result is a synthesis where by each property reads both as independent units and as part of a greater whole.